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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Customer Management in Telecom BSS Architecture

In the telecom business support system we have identified the four major items, one of them is customer management, Customer management is part of business support system that specifically support marketing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) process. Lets review all those parts and how customer management could support them.
  • Marketing process
Maintain the entire marketing program that is available for customer, marketing program will includes tariff plan, customer group and what benefit that is available in each marketing program. Customer management system also need to have analysis tool to help marketing people make better decision in creating new marketing plan and evaluate the existing.

  • Sales process
Sales process includes order entry process, sales order from sales agent to the main customer management system. Basically sales process part is how to entry new customer to the system and how to track the performance of the sales people.

  • CRM process
CRM is process for retaining existing customer, including loyalty management, service center, call center and complaint handling.

Customer Management Software
In telecom industry there are several customer management software that widely used. Here are some of them:

1. Oracle Siebel System
Known as Siebel CRM system and play as market leader in the CRM industry, not just in telecom business, but also in banking and finance industry. Oracle bought Siebel in 2007 and try to enter the telecom industry and provide customer management solution. Siebel had advantage in support, web application and its complete module (more on Siebel CRM system).

2. Sword Ciboodle
Previously develop by Graham Technology, then changes its name to Ciboodle after bought by Sword. This java based customer management software is starts their customer management ability as CRM software and the develop as customer management system.

3. Salesforce.com
Pioneer in cloud computing system, salesforce.com is start their way as sales and marketing software and latter on developed also as CRM system.

4. Huawei Customer Management
To complete their domination in telecom industry, Huawei provide customer management to their telecom solution.

We’ll discuss on those software in details in different article.

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