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Sunday, April 18, 2010

CDMA/GSM Telecommunication Prepaid/Postpaid Billing System (1)

In the current telecommunication industry we recognize many billing system, such billing system for data services, pay TV services or even VOIP (Voice Over IP) services. But the first billing and most common in telecommunication industry is voice and text services or in some country we called in Short Message Services (SMS).

This Voice/Text is divided into 2 main technology that is provide the equipment, CDMA and GSM. GSM is widely used in Europe while CDMA is used in United States. Billing system also divided into 2 main category in how customer will pay their services to service provider, prepaid or postpaid. Prepaid means that customer will need to pay first then used the services according to their usage. Postpaid means that customer could pay their usage after customer used the services and billing cycle that is agreed between customer and service provider.

First of all lets discuss about CDMA, CDMA or known as Code Division Multiple Access is a technology of telecommunication developed by Qualcomm in United States that has the latest release EVDO rev B for 3.5 G communication. CDMA used less BTS tower for their services than GSM technology, but CDMA handset is not widely supported with major phone industry, like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc.

GSM or Groupe Special Mobile is a technology widely used in Europe for telecommunication and it latest 3.5 G is known as HSDPA. GSM technology usually had bigger opex than CDMA because it used more BTS than CDMA technology.

In the next article we'll discuss more about Prepaid terminology and Postpaid terminology

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